I used hoodiap57 on and off for about 6 months now and it was a definite help for me to lose the weight.

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Information about Hoodia.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database rates effectiveness based on scientific evidence according to the following scaleEffectiveLikely EffectivePossibly EffectivePossibly IneffectiveLikely Ineffectiveand Insufficient Evidence to Ratedetailed description of each of the ratings

Spinynon-rhizomatous succulent shrub with 3-many stemsup to 2 m tall and 2 m broadstems longerectcylindricfleshyhardgrey-green to browntubercles deltoidlaterally flattenedjoined into acute rows along the stemeach tipped with a sharp spineInflorescence usually arising towards the apex of the stemglabrousbearing 1-2 flowers opening successivelypedicels longusually spreadingcorolla rotate to campanulatesmall and deeply lobed to large and flat to shallowly cupularoutside smoothinside smooth to bristlyFruit a follicleerectconsisting of two hornsglabrous.

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Suppressing appetite or weight lossMore evidence is needed to rate the effectiveness of hoodia for this use.

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hoodia gordonii it is one of the leading ingredients used from the botanical extracts.

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