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Other scientists think that special brain receptor sites are modulated by NootropilThese sitesalso known as AMPA receptorsare not otherwise part of synaptic transmissions.

In the United StatesPiracetam is an unregulatedunscheduled compound and cannot be promoted for the treatment of any health problemsIt also does not meet the qualifications of a dietary supplementand cannot be labeled or sold as such.

There is a significant amount of research and clinical trials on the cognitive enhancement effects of Nootropil and its mechanism of action.

The most commonly accepted theory about the method of action used by Nootropil is that it primarily affects the neurotransmitter AcetylcholineNot only is the chemical itself available in increased amounts but it also affects the receptor sitesallowing the chemical to circulate and increase its role in learningmemoryand other cognitive functions.

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piracetam 1200mg tablets but will be referred to as nootropil throughout this.

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