Each capsule of slimex contains 15mg of sibutramine hydrochloride.

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Information about Slimex.

The drug does not perform severe side effects however it is recommended to stop taking the drug and to visit your doctor in case you notice the next symptoms:

The weight-loss product Slimex 15 is available in the form of yellow or orange capsuleswhile Slimex 15 New Formula is available in the form of white tablets:

Slimex online usa pharmacy recommends to take the capsule with a full glass of water before eatingThe recommended period is one to two hours prior to the first food intake.

If you want to buy Slimex online australiathen check the delivery termsMany online drug stores offering to buy Slimex australia will deliver the drug in more than a monthThough Slimex is a food supplement still storage conditions must be followedDuring long delivery the storage conditions can be violated and the quality and safety of the drug will be affected.

Slimex does not contain any toxic or unhealthy ingredients which can in any way harm your body or lead to dysfunctionsSlimex does not cause side effects and does not perform any rebound effectSome patients report that after the end of cheap Slimex course they noticed boost of appetite which was very hard to controlThus the lost pounds were back very quicklyBefore you buy Slimex online we recommend to find out how cheap Slimex works.

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slimex is an anti-obesity drug, designed to help you lose your extra kilos.

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