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Uticaia; angiodma (involving swlling th ac, lips, phaynx, and/tongu); incasd liv unction tsts; jaundic; hpatitis; hypkalmia; thombocytopnia; incasd CPK; tinnitus.

Blisting, custing, iitation, itching, ddning th skin bloatd ull ling blud loss vision buning, cawling, itching, numbnss, pickling, “pins and ndls”, tingling lings chang in haing cackd, dy, scaly skin dcasd intst in sxual intcous dpssion diiculty having a bowl movmnt (stool) distubd colpcption doubl vision a dainag aach pain in th a xcss ai gas in th stomach intstins halos aound lights hivs wlts inability thav kp an ction lag, lat, blu puplish patchs in th skin loss in sxual ability, dsi, div, pomanc night blindnss ovbight appaanc lights pain, swlling, dnss in th joints passing gas slpinss unusual dowsinss tunnl vision.

You doctwill dcid whth you tatmnt nds tb altd whth you should hav chck ups mquntly.

High Blood Pssu “I am a 33ya old whhas xpincd high blood pssu v sinc stating wok at gaduating om Univsity. I alshav a Thyoid condition and always just assumd this was th nti caus my tingling in th hands & t and constant issus with tidnss. Th tingling snsation pdats th Avapo, but th ongoing issu with tidnss could alsb attibutd tth Avapo. I hav bn on Avapth last tn yas. I am Avapnow as my blood pssu is now nomal.”

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