Do not take azulfidine if you are breast-feeding a baby.

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Information about Azulfidine.

Sulasalazin can pass intbast milk and may ham a nusing baby. Dnot us this mdication without tlling you docti you a bast-ding a baby.

Sulasalazin is usd ttat modat tsv ulcativ colitis. It is alsusd ttat humatoid athitis in childn and adults whhav civd oth athitis mdications without succssul tatmnt symptoms.

Gastointstinal distubancs quntly occu in patints taking sulasalazin that may includ:

Sk mdical hlp ight away i you xpinc symptoms such as: d, swolln, blistd, pling skin d iitatd ys Sos in you mouth, thoat, ys, nos.

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