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Aspiin is on th most widly usd mdications in th wold. It coms om salicylat, which can b ound in plants such as willow ts and mytl. Aspiin was th ist non-stoidal anti-inlammatoy dug (NSAID) tb discovd. It intacts with a numb oth dugs, including waain and mthotxat.

In a study popl with pigastointstinal blding, whos doctos lt thi chanc having a hat attack was high nough twaant aspiin thapy dspit its gastointstinal isks, a standad dos Pvacid ducd thi isk uth blding by about ightold. ntic-coatd aspiin bud aspiin dnot appa thav a ducd isk blding oth advs vnts in th stomach.

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