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This is th anhydous om ampicillin. It is ppad as th tihydat om attachd t3 wat (H2O) molculs.

Allgic actions. Symptoms can includ: lu-lik symptoms, such as v and body achs painul d pupl ash that spads blists that could lad tskin bakdown Diaha that lasts at you stop taking th dug. Symptoms can includ: diaha with without stomach camps diaha with a v.

Tansint incass in liv unction tsts and chonic cholstasis hav aly bn associatd with ampicillin. Acut pancatitis has bn potd and conimd by challng with ampicillin in a patint in whom th was noth obvious caus pancatitis.

By binding tspciic pnicillin-binding potins (PBPs) locatd insid th bactial cll wall, Ampicillin inhibits th thid and last stag bactial cll wall synthsis. Cll lysis is thn mdiatd by bactial cll wall autolytic nzyms such as autolysins; it is possibl that Ampicillin ints with an autolysin inhibito.

Hpatic sid cts hav includd a cass hpatitis, cholstasis, and lvatd AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT). Glutamic oxalactic tansaminas is lasd at intamuscula injction sits; thincasd SGOT is not ncssaily a hpatic sid ct.

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