In addition, in vitro studies have shown ketoconazole, a potent inhibitor of cyp3a activity, to be at least 100 times more potent than fluoxetine or norfluoxetine as an inhibitor of the metabolism of several substrates for this enzyme, including astemizole, cisapride, and midazolam.

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defines the medication fluoxetine prozac, sarafem, prozac weekly a drug used in the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic.

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when treating a pregnant woman with fluoxetine, the physician should carefully consider both the potential risks of taking an ssri, along with the established benefits of treating depression with an antidepressant.

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cases of overdose of fluoxetine alone usually have a mild course.

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carbamazepine – patients on stable doses of carbamazepine have developed elevated plasma anticonvulsant concentrations and clinical anticonvulsant toxicity following initiation of concomitant fluoxetine treatment.


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