The longer-term adverse reaction profile observed in the 19-week major depressive disorder study n 219 randomized; 109 fluoxetine-treated, 110 placebo-treated was also similar to that observed in adult trials with fluoxetine see adverse reactions 6.

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such conditions include concomitant use of drugs that prolong the qt interval; hypokalemia or hypomagnesemia; recent myocardial infarction, uncompensated heart failure, bradyarrhythmias, and other significant arrhythmias; and conditions that predispose to increased fluoxetine exposure overdose, hepatic impairment, use of cyp2d6 inhibitors, cyp2d6 poor metabolizer status, or use of other highly protein-bound drugs .

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conversely, adverse effects may result from displacement of protein-bound fluoxetine by other tightly-bound drugs see accumulation and slow elimination under clinical pharmacology .

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