The recently published heart and estrogen progestin replacement study hers showed no overall cardiovascular benefit at yearsfrom estrogen progestin replacement and an increase in early cardiovascular events com-pared with placebo trusted 25 mg sominex.

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for insomnia i have been using sominex for a long time, i asked gp about it and he would rather i take it than prescribing me sleeping tabs, it works well for me, i take it at least an hour before bed, fall asleep easily and can still wake up for the bathroom and go straight back to sleep, feel fine on waking with no after effects, a great over the counter product.

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if you are pregnant you should not take sominex tablets without consulting your doctor first.

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about sominex side effects, how it is used and how long does sominex stay in your system, what is sominex used for, and the dangers of overdosing.


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