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administration of wellbutrin xl to patients receiving either levodopa or amantadine concurrently should be undertaken with caution, using small initial doses and gradual dose increases.

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the mechanism of amantadine s antiviral activity involves interference with the viral protein, m2, a proton channel.

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karuppagounder , subramaniam uthayathas , vishnu suppiramaniam , muralikrishnan dhanasekaran , assessment of therapeutic potential of amantadine in methamphetamine induced neurotoxicity, neurochemical research , 2013 , 38 , 10, 2084 crossref 6 m rcia g alves galv o , marilene augusta rocha crispino santos , antonio jl alves da cunha , antonio jl alves da cunha , cochrane database of systematic reviews, 2012 wiley online library 7 bernardino ossola , nadia schendzielorz , shih-heng chen , gary s.


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