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Quinine is less effective and more toxic as a blood schizonticidal agent than chloroquine; however, it is still very effective and widely used in the treatment of acute cases of severe p.

Using the developed uplc method, same values were found for chloroquine 0.

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with alcoholic delirium, high intra- venous doses of clonidine may increase the arrhythmogenic potential qt-prolongation, ventricular fibrillation of high iv doses of selected drugs that may prolong the qt interval alfuzosin erythromycin lithium quinidine amantadine escitalopram methadone ranolazine amiodarone famotidine mirtazapine risperidone arsenic trioxide felbamate moexipril hctz saquinavir atazanavir fingolimod moxifloxacin sevoflurane azithromycin flecainide nicardipine sotalol bedaquiline foscarnet nilotinib sunitinib chloroquine fosphenytoin ofloxacin tacrolimus chlorpromazine gatifloxacin olanzapine tamoxifen cisapride gemifloxacin ondansetron telithromycin citalopram granisetron oxytocin thioridazine clarithromycin halofantrine paliperidone tizanidine clozapine haloperidol pentamidine tolterodine disopyramide ibutilide perflutren lipid microspheres vandetanib dofetilide iloperidone phenothiazines vardenafil dolasetron indapamide pimozide venlafaxine dronedarone isradipine procainamide voriconazole droperidol eribulin lapatinib levofloxacin quetiapine ziprasidone note this table may not include all drugs that prolong the qt interval or cause torsades.


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