I can t get a signal femara costco robinson said women s health initiative participants tended to be healthy and well-educated, which may have bolstered their cognitive reserve and protected against memory loss even without extra omega-3 fatty acids.

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femara s recommended dosage is 2.

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i haven t taken femara but was on arimidex for 6 weeks.

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while rare, women taking femara may develop a condition known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome ohss which can manifest with symptoms ranging from bloating and diarrhea to extreme shortness of breath and chest pains.

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it s not known exactly the ideal length of time that femara shows a benefit, in other words, whether or not using femara for a period beyond 5 years is of benefit see below.

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i don t foresee femara being fda approved for fertility use because approval is so expensive and the money spent on it would be lost income because people already use it in its off-brand for fertility, explained dr.


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