Prednisolone moderate prednisolone is metabolized by cyp3a4 to inactive compounds.

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all patients also received mycophenolate mofetil 1 gram po twice daily for 14 days starting pre-operatively followed by 500 mg po twice daily and corticosteroids methylprednisolone up to 1000 mg or equivalent iv bolus pre-operatively, then methylprednisolone 125 mg iv on day 1 followed by oral prednisone or equivalent tapered slowly from 20 mg day on day 2 to 5 mg day or less on day 84 .

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, in minimizing the ester hydrolysis and decreasing the acyl migration , anderson et al 35 synthesized a series of more-stable water-soluble methylprednisolone esters.

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prednisolone pharmacokinetic parameter values before and on days 4 and 14 of ritonavir administration are shown in table 1.

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entocort ec has a high glucocorticoid effect and a weak mineralocorticoid effect, and the affinity of entocort ec to gcs receptors, which reflects the intrinsic potency of the drug, is about 200-fold that of cortisol and 15-fold that of prednisolone.

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systemic oral steroid therapy, such as prednisolone, should be tapered when initiating oral budesonide.


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