Higher clozaril plasma concentrations are likely in patients with significant renal or hepatic impairment when given usual doses.

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drug selection table for schizophreniform disorders class drug antipsychotic drugs, atypical second generation first-line drug therapy aripiprazole abilify, abilify discmelt odt, abilify liquid, abilify im injection clozapine clozaril, fazaclo olanzapine zyprexa, zyprexa zydis quetiapine seroquel, seroquel xr risperidone risperdal, risperdal consta ziprasidone geodon, geodon im injection paliperidone invega asenapine saphris im, intramuscular.

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commonly used second-generation atypical antipsychotic drugs include aripiprazole abilify , clozapine clozaril , olanzapine zyprexa , quetiapine seroquel , quetiapine fumarate seroquel xr , risperidone risperdal , long-acting risperidone risperdal consta , ziprasidone geodon , and paliperidone invega .


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