It s a good alternative to lithium for people who don t respond well to lithium.

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in 1992, ames et al 2 described 3 similar cases in patients treated for bipolar disorder treated with lithium and buproprion.

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tru group inc advises that the dr ihor kunasz paper recommending vital required fundamental modifications to the cim lithium ni 43-101 best practice guideline has been published in the october 2013 edition of the mining engineering magazine of the society for mining, metallurgy exploration sme in the united states.

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the following may interact with zestoretic and render it unsuitable for use, make it less effective, or vice versa drugs used in high blood pressure; nsaids; aliskiren; diuretics; tricyclic and tetracyclic antidepressants; lithium; potassium supplementation products; calcium salts; treatments for diabetes including insulin; desensitization for wasp and bee stings; items used in asthma; cold remedies; immunosuppressants, such as ciclosporin; allopurinol; procainamide; cardiac glycosides; drugs containing gold; amphotericin b; carbenoxolone; corticosteroids; corticotropin; stimulant laxatives; colestyramine and colestipol; tubocurarine; trimethoprim; sotalol; lovastatin; dextran sulphate; or cytostatics.


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