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cleocin is administered to treat protozoal diseases such as malaria, infections of respiratory system, skin and soft tissures, bones and joints, abdominal organs, and others.

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clindamycin is marketed under various trade names including dalacin cleocin and evoclin – in a estradiol.

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cleocin phosphate sterile solution in vials contains clindamycin phosphate, a water soluble ester of clindamycin and phosphoric acid.

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clindamycin is authorised in the world under the following brand names chlolincocin, cleocin, cleocin hcl, cleocin pediatric, cleocin phosphate, cleocin t, cleocin t gel, cleocin t lotion, cleocin t topical solution, clinda-derm, clindagel, clindesse, clindets, clinimycin, dalacin, dalacin c, dalacin c flavored granules, dalacin c phosphate, dalacin t topical solution, evoclin, residerm a, sobelin, zindaclin.


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