Local resistance pattern and individual renal function should therefore be considered before prescribing trimethoprim or nitrofurantoin for long-term use to nursing home residents.

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the mechanism of the antimicrobial action of nitrofurantoin is unusual among antibacterials.

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all the information provided for martifur 100mg nitrofurantoin by our online pharmacy is solely for informational purposes and is not, in any event, meant to be a substitute for the advise or instructions given to you by your physician.

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29 apr 2011 1 answer – posted in infections, nitrofurantoin, infection – answer the nitro is not going to treat a yeast infection, it is more on the uti 15 jul 2014 1 answer – posted in nitrofurantoin, bladder infection – answer looking at the product information it does not list any interactions with view drug interactions between lasix and nitrofurantoin.

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