Acetaminophen; butalbital; caffeine major agents which induce the hepatic isoenzyme cyp2e1, such as isoniazid, may potentially increase the risk for acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity via generation of a greater percentage of acetaminophen s hepatotoxic metabolites.

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you may need to take other tb medicines in combination with rhea isoniazid.

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isoniazid also increased the half-life of triazolam, but not oxazepam, as the latter is metabolised by glucuronidation only, thus avoiding the interaction with isoniazid ochs et al.

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rifabutin moderate careful monitoring of hepatic function is recommended with the concurrent use of rifabutin and isoniazid, inh.

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antitubercular medicine isoniazid serum concentrations may be decreased in some patients.

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luckily the doc decided to prescribe me with isoniazid and since the moment i started treatment my symptoms began fading away.


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